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Client version: 8.6
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Players in database: 8435 Accounts in database: 7130 Guilds in databese: 236
Castle owner: Game of Thrones
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do 1.02.2014 23:59

To benefit of promotion you have left:


There is a new NPC Antichrist in Demon City, which for 50 demon diamonds (to get from the raid) gives you Double Exp !

In addition, added:

1. The raid of the villagers to the village, get from them a potatoes. You can replace them at the NPC Hick on scythe and endless water. With these items you can make bread or rolls. Note! Bread gives exp and rolls unfortunately not.
2. The raid of demons in Demon City and NPC Antichrist.
3. Two new QUESTS from 40 reborn. To win: new shoes which will increase life or mana points, depending of the vocation and the Magic Upgrade , which items on level +12 can improve to level +13.
4. The new Exps from 45 reborn in Demon City!
5. Exps on Special Exp and Castle .
6. NPC Shoemaker , which fixes your destroyed firewalker boots.
7. We have added new statues which are giving exp. You have to looking for them!

For Monday 26 January 23:59 waiting for you Double Cash!

Enjoy the game!

Posted by Admin on 24 Jan 2015
Update - Demon City


We have added a new city - Demon City, for players from 35 reborn. You will find there new exp areas, new houses and NPC Sauron with new tasks.

What do you have to get access to the Demon City?
1. You have to have 35 reborn.
2. You have to done Demon City Access Quest.
3. Find way to Demon City.
4. Play on each of 8 demonic instruments.
5. Enjoy powerful exp areas!

Till Sunday 11 January 23:59, you have DOUBLE CASH and EXP x2.
Have a nice game!

Posted by Admin on 9 Jan 2015

To celebrate the New Year we created for you
special event!

The entrance you will find in depo +1.
There are situated 4 teleports leading to 4 different arenas with relevant monsters, so that all players have an equal chance!
Teleports are divided into players:
from 1 reborn to 5, from 6 to 12, from 13 to 20 and above 21 reborn!

In addition, each of the arenas is divided into 4 parts in terms of experience level of player!

In the arena monsters give players a lot of experience and exclusive prizes!
Each prize includes item from SMS SHOP or items that will be useful to everyone!

We are starting at 3PM!

On start each logged player will get a SURPRISE!


Happy New Year!
Team of UnitedOTS

Posted by Admin on 30 Dec 2014
Święta oraz podsumowanie startu
No i udało się!

Stworzyliśmy najlepszą edycję serwera UnitedOTS, dziękujemy za grę i chcieliśmy Wam życzyć z okazji Świąt wszystkiego co najlepsze, wysokich rebornów, dużych lootów i wspaniałych znajomości!

Na czas świąt przygotowaliśmy najazd Podrobionych Mikołajów na Enigmę, ukradli oni prezenty dla dzieci. Pomóż prawdziwemu Mikołajowi zdobyć prezenty!

Posted by Admin on 24 Dec 2014
UnitedOTS v3 - last editon

START 12 DECEMBER 2014 06.00PM(GMT+1)!

Third and the last edition of one of the best servers 4fun!

UnitedOTS - multilanguage server. You can choose polish or english language!

- IP:
- PORT : 7171
- Version : 8.60
- Offical forum

- 0 - 20000 x 40000
- 20000 - 70000 x 30000
- 70000 - 200000 x 20000
- 200000 - 300000 x 10000
- SKILLS x 8
- MLVL x 8
- Guilds from 1 lvl!
- PVP from 100000
- Houses from 2 reborn!
- Reborn at 300000 lvl! We start from 1 reborn!
- RS from 8 frags!

The original map, made by United team with the unique continent!

On the map are scattered hidden exps and quests.

Seek and you will find exp! In our united world are hidden statues which add level!

Fly through our world to discover new cities and with them new missions and unknown monsters, and of course many of large, stylish mansions!

- Cast System - thus you can show others how you are playing!
- New professions!
- Sustainable balance! All made from the basics.
- Addon System - collect items and capture new addons!
- Task System - do missions and just waiting for you attractive prizes!
- Codes for Premium Points! Every week on our fanpage on facebook, we will insert codes for PP!
- More than 200 exps and 100 quests, including hidden ones!
- About 10 raids per day!
- Play and capture the special achievements!
- Fly Ring System - You can fly!
- Wars between guilds!
- Kill System. Kill the other players and capture the new ranks, and with them the exclusive prizes!
- Contract Killer - you can commission the murder of another player! When one of the players kills your target, he will get the reward.
- And much,much more. Create character and discover all of the attractions, that we have prepared for you!

On this edition we decided to enter the reborn gates on events, thus each player will have equal chance for the winning!
And is about making to fight, the awards in most will be from the SMS store.

- Battle between the guilds for CASTLE, where you can find private exps and the quest! Event takes place twice a week!
- Drunk run event, race of drunk players!
- Swim event, will win the fastest and the best swimmer on the OTS.
- Firestorm event, if you will avoid the fire, you win!
- Zombie event, watch out for ZOMBIE!
- Last Man Standing, wins the most tenacious or the most clever fighter!
- Special Exp, daily fight between guilds! The winners can enjoy access to private, special exp!
- Football event, it's time for Tibian football!
- Capture the flag, two teams and try to capture the flag your opponents!
- Defend the base, two teams, protect your base, win the team, which as the first raise the base of the opponents team.

Create account now and begin your wonderful adventure!

Posted by Admin on 2 Dec 2014
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