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Zamykamy serwer
Dnia 18.03.2016 serwer został zamknięty, nowa edycja ruszy wkrótce!
Posted by Admin on 18 Mar 2016

New Quest

In quest room is waiting for you quest on Magic Hatchet, whereby you can chop the trees and get an awards or monster, which will give you a lot of experience! Magic Forest you will find near Elite City!

Magic Forest

To can chop trees in this forest you have to have Entry Ticket, which you can buy for 5k Hunting Points in DP +2.

New Raid

In Enigma appears bees Maja! Fall out from them Exp Honey, which gives experience!

Ring of True

Now is available for you Ring of True, it gives you a new vocation: Charlatan, Satanist, Tracker and Executioner! Except that for every vocation is a new spell :) You will buy it for Hunting Points in DP +2!

New Achievement

Now you can get achievement of Discoverer! Enough that you find 11 towns on continent!

Exp Statue

New statue that gives you experience is waiting for you in Tiwa City!

Reborn Blockades

Except that we have reduce every reborn blockades about 2h!

Enjoy the game!

Posted by Admin on 10 May 2015
Nowe atrakcje
New attractions!

We added 2 new raid. The first one is Initial Angler on Epic City from which you can get Fishing Rod - and Worm . With this tools you can catch violet fish - . You have to collect 100 of them, NPC Tiwa Citizen to moved you to a new city - Tiwa.

In the Tiwa City you can get part of raid Fish Upset, from which you can get Machanical Rod - , whereby using peanuts you can catch exp fishes - .

Enjoy the game!

Posted by Admin on 2 May 2015
Hunting Points
End of boredom on the server!

When you have 300000 level and waiting for blockade, killing monsters adequate for you, you get a Hunting Points!

Hunting Points you can spend on interesting items DP +2.
To check how many points you have, type: !Hunting .

Posted by Admin on 12 Apr 2015
We cut reborn blockades!

To 15 reborn blockades has been completely deleted!
16-20 6h - 10h
21-26 11h - 15h
27-35 19h - 1d 3h
36-45 1d 6h - 1d 14h
46-59 2d - 2d 10h
60+ 2d 18h - 3d 6h

Whats new?
New quest - quiz.
Raid Possessed Yeti.
Available addon

Raid Angry Fruits with new items:
- lemon - heals MP 2% per 5s, for 10 minutes
- mango - heals HP 2% per 5s, for 10 minutes
- chilli - protection against paralyze for 10 minutes
- candy - protection against drunk for 10 minutes

New armors from 25 reborn in SMS SHOP.
New healing potions from 30 reborn in SMS SHOP.

New exp places in Pop City.
Added drunk rune for Witchers and spell exana hangover, to healing after drunk.

Posted by Admin on 10 Apr 2015
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