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PVP Arena
Pvp Arena!

We have intoduced already working PvP arena.
Now you can fight:
1 vs 1
2 vs 2
5 vs 5
10 vs 10
During the first days duration of arena, you will enter on arena for 1 United Coin.
The winner gets 2 United Coins!

Teleport to arena you will find in depo +0!

Let them win better!

Posted by Admin on 15 Feb 2015

From today for participating in three raids per day,
you will get bonus in the form of 25 United Coins


We have added QUEST for weapons from 50 reborn!
You will find it in QUEST ROOM!


Also we have added three new exps from 55 reborn!
Look for them in Demon City!

High Reborns
wishes Administration UnitedOts

Posted by Admin on 15 Feb 2015

Valentine Event !
On the occasion of Valentine's Day we have for you a few surprises.

Until 18 February the event arena (dp+1), will be often raids.
From every monster you will get a lot of exp and very valuable items.
The area is divided into 16 parts, so that everyone can find something for his level!

Additionally, in the next few days you can expect invasions of Bad Romance on Enigma.

We have introduced a new item:

United Coin -

You can get it from raids and bosses!

100 x United Coin you can replace to a 1x Premium Point, just clicking on it!

Also we have added 2 quests!
The award of one of them is item which randomly improves your item from 0 to +13.
In the second quest, you can learn a new spells from 50 reborn..
Posted by Admin on 11 Feb 2015
Update 24.01

There is a new NPC Antichrist in Demon City, which for 50 demon diamonds (to get from the raid) gives you Double Exp !

In addition, added:

1. The raid of the villagers to the village, get from them a potatoes. You can replace them at the NPC Hick on scythe and endless water. With these items you can make bread or rolls. Note! Bread gives exp and rolls unfortunately not.
2. The raid of demons in Demon City and NPC Antichrist.
3. Two new QUESTS from 40 reborn. To win: new shoes which will increase life or mana points, depending of the vocation and the Magic Upgrade , which items on level +12 can improve to level +13.
4. The new Exps from 45 reborn in Demon City!
5. Exps on Special Exp and Castle .
6. NPC Shoemaker , which fixes your destroyed firewalker boots.
7. We have added new statues which are giving exp. You have to looking for them!

For Monday 26 January 23:59 waiting for you Double Cash!

Enjoy the game!

Posted by Admin on 24 Jan 2015
Update - Demon City


We have added a new city - Demon City, for players from 35 reborn. You will find there new exp areas, new houses and NPC Sauron with new tasks.

What do you have to get access to the Demon City?
1. You have to have 35 reborn.
2. You have to done Demon City Access Quest.
3. Find way to Demon City.
4. Play on each of 8 demonic instruments.
5. Enjoy powerful exp areas!

Till Sunday 11 January 23:59, you have DOUBLE CASH and EXP x2.
Have a nice game!

Posted by Admin on 9 Jan 2015
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